Founded in 2016, Unbox the Dress® is the first online service that allows both the modern matriarch or new bride to care for, store, and plan to transform their original wedding dress into family heirlooms and gifts for loved ones when the time is right.

Save the Dress™

Is our custom-designed service that provides museum-quality storage and wedding gown preservation.

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Unbox the Dress®

Allows women to transform their wedding dress into more than 30 different heirloom products to give to their family.

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Unbox the Dress®

Grace Rojek and her mother Lorraine Stewart were cleaning out her grandmother’s house when they came across several family wedding dresses. The gowns were sealed up in traditional preservation boxes, out of sight and out of mind for decades!

After unboxing the dresses and looking and the beautiful fabric and embellishments, Grace and Lorraine knew there had to be something more meaningful that could be done with these important dresses.

Grace took the sewing machine, and Unbox the Dress was born! Now the company has a team of carefully vetted and trained Graceful Sewers. These designers are renowned experts at transforming wedding gowns of all eras, shapes and sizes into modern designs to cherish for a lifetime.

Since the company’s launch, the team has delivered thousands of redesigned heirlooms to over 1000 families across the country! They have worked with dresses originally designed from 1901-2021.

Having been in many weddings as a bridesmaid, and as a COVID-bride planning her own big day, Grace understood that modern brides need better options for post-wedding dress care. As a result, the company launched the Anniversary Collection with designs for the newlywed bride to create from her own dress. They also launched the Save the Dress service, a more modern and effective way to preserve a wedding dress than the old-school big box from the dry cleaner.

The team believes that wedding dresses are an important part of a family’s unique story – and no wedding dress belongs in a landfill. If you have a wedding dress that’s a bit lost and forgotten, we invite you to contact us and explore the options for one-of-a-kind gifts designed to love for a lifetime
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