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Professional Wedding Dress Storage Services

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Your dress awaits its future — safe, secure & fully protected

We are honored to provide safe-keeping for thousands of our customers’ wedding dress and bridal garments until they are ready to redesign, gift or wear their dress again — see how quick and easy it is to get started.

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Pick the storage service that best meets your needs, and if your dress requires some TLC, add our Care & Repair service.


Free Shipping

Take your provided QR code to any FedEx to ship your dress to the Unbox Studio. It’s safe, easy and completely free!


Dress Check-In

Your dress arrives at our North Carolina studio where is it is individually photographed, inventoried & inspected.


Care & Repair

Your dress fabrics, buttons, lace and closures are cleaned, repaired & secured, hand-sewn by our Graceful Sewers™.


Prep & Vault Storage

Your dress receives its own breathable Guardian Garment™ bag and is placed in our state-of-the-art Professional Vault storage.


Condition Report

We email you your Dress Condition Report, and you enjoy peace of mind knowing your dress is safe and secure.

State-of-the-art dress storage

You searched until you found ‘the one’, and then said "I do" on the most perfect day.

Unbox the Dress provides its customers modern, secure professional wedding gown storage services to help women save and protect their dress fabric for the future.

Thousands of customers trust us with their bridal garment needs, for wedding dress redesign and professional quality fabric storage services. Why? Many women want to protect their wedding dress to wear, gift, or redesign it someday.

Others store and protect their dress simply because they love it. We understand that because we love wedding dresses too! Are you ready to save your dress?
I'm ready to protect my dress

Avoid yellowing

We love yellow, but not for your dress

Plastic material, including boxes, trap air and turns fabric and embellishments yellow.

Remove humidity & creasing

We love crisp folds, but your wedding dress needs room to breathe

Stuffed in a box? Folding your beautiful dress hard sets creases and weakens fabric.

Safely remove stains

We love a good rosé, but your dress doesn't

Some stains like perspiration appear over time, even if the dress has been dry cleaned.

Protect your dress from damage

We love organized spaces, but your dress needs special care

At-home storage risks damage to fabric from light, temperature change, humidity and pesty insects.

Our Vow

We promise to honor and cherish your wedding dress every day in every way, protecting and keeping it safe for you and your family. We promise to help you redesign your dress or return it to you whenever you’d like.

Save The Dress

Our Vault

There is no better place on earth to store your cherished wedding dress than our climate-controlled, museum-quality Storage Vault with 24/7 video surveillance.

Choose Your Vault Storage Plan

There is no better place on earth to store your cherished wedding dress than our climate-controlled, museum-quality Storage Vault with 24/7 video surveillance.

All Vault Storage Plans Include

  • One Full-Length Gown
  • Plus Bridal Accessories (Up to 5)
  • Free inbound FedEx Shipping
  • Door-to-Store Insurance Coverage
  • Custom Dress Condition Report
Select your package

Pay monthly from...

$ 15 /mo

Or, pay yearly from...

$ 165 /yr

$180 Choose our annual plan and get your first month free

Yet to Clean Your Dress? Try Our Clean & Repair Service

Before your dress enters the Vault, it should be cleaned and at its best!

Our Clean & Repair service includes

  • Modern Method Eco-Friendly Bridal Drycleaning
  • The White Glove spot-treatment
  • Expert Sewing & Tear-Repair Service

Add to your plan for just...

+$ 125
Partial Fabric Storage

Unbox the Dress Customers can redesign their wedding dress fabrics over time into one-of-kind gifts. Remaining fabric can be stored with our Partial Fabric Storage Plan.

Got a question?

Meet Frankie! Our Fabric Care Expert

We love wedding dresses! Our customers trust us to handle wedding gowns from all decades, uniquely made from different luxe fabrics and embellishments every day. We are here to serve you and help you care for your beautiful wedding gown as well.

Why do I need professional quality Wedding Dress Storage Services?

Great question! The frank answer is because storing your wedding dress at home poses lots of risks that will ruin the wedding dress fabrics! If you love and cherish your wedding dress and think that you may want to wear it again one day or redesign it to create family heirlooms, saving your dress for its best future means a professional wedding dress storage service is essential.

Psst! Even if it’s been dry-cleaned, storing your wedding gown at home can cause accelerated aging, discoloration, and damage from moisture or humidity and worse. Keeping your dress in a basement or attic places in areas that are easily infested by pests. Not to mention wherever you place it, the dress takes up some serious closet space!

Okay, so what is the best way to protect my dress?

The best way to protect your wedding gown is with expert hand-cleaning, spot-treatments, and steam-cleaning (based on the fabric of your dress) using only eco-friendly, organic products. Once it’s been cleaned, it is best to store your dress in an oversized, breathable garment bag in a cooler, climate-controlled environment.

What is the more modern way to store my Wedding Dress?

Preserving it and sealing it in a box has been a long tradition after weddings but all that folding and compressing your dress into a box doesn’t allow your dress fabric to air to breathe. The older box method will cause discoloration or damage to embellishments, fabrics, and laces.

In our climate-controlled Vault, your gown is handled with the utmost care, prepped and placed on a padded hanger, and given generous room to breathe with our muslin Guardian Garment™ bags. This ensures that the dress of your dreams stays just as beautiful as the day you said: “I Do.”

So what is the problem with local dry-cleaning?

Standard and local dry cleaning processes use a chemical named tetrachloroethylene and a batch dry cleaning method to remove dirt and stains. The process is very harsh on most wedding dress fabrics, as it will cause delicate fabrics like satin,silk and tulle to deteriorate; beadwork or embellishments will oxidize (discolor), buttons can fall off, and more. And many dry cleaners state upfront they are not responsible for damage...what could be more frightening than that?
Psst: Even large process commercial wedding dress cleaning companies batch clean dresses. Ugh!

What if my dress isn’t perfectly clean? Can I send it to store anyway?

No worries! Old or new send the Professional at Unbox the Dress your own dress for the best handling and care. In fact, brides should send their dress to us immediately after the wedding day before invisible stains set in.

Our team of Graceful Sewers™ will inspect, gently clean and restore your gown prior to storing it in our one of a kind Vault. Only eco-friendly products that are designed for wedding dress fabrics are used with great care.

What if my dress already has discoloration or damage?

Our garment care specialists can treat discolored fabrics with specially formulated organic products and delicate hand-applied solutions (with several steps) to reduce the damage and restore fabrics.

Why does satin dress fabric yellow?

There are many variables that can cause your beloved wedding dress fabric to yellow. The breakdown of fibers in the fabric of your gown can become accelerated largely due to several environmental factors. These can include direct sunlight, high humidity, or exposure to excessive heat (like an iron!). Also, chemical additives used to treat the fabric during the manufacturing process can begin to decompose as well as attract damaging particles such as dust, dirt, and oils which can quicken the yellowing process.

Psst! Dry-cleaned dresses stored in plastic bags, bins  and packing materials will begin to yellow immediately.

What if my dress needs to be repaired?

Most wedding gowns are in need of some type of repair after the wedding. Our exceptional team of professionally trained Graceful Sewers™ are ready to meticulously hand-repair tears, tighten loose buttons and hooks and generally pamper your gown with our white-glove treatment.

Where will my dress be stored?

Your wedding gown is lovingly stored in our beautiful 24/7 video-secured, cool-tech climate-control Vault in North Carolina. It is the nation’s leading storage facility designed to safely store bridal garments of all types until you need your dress again.

Why is cool climate control important?

As if storing your wedding gown in a museum-like setting isn't cool enough we have taken special steps to ensure that the air quality and temperature within our Vault  is carefully monitored, providing the ideal environmental conditions to protect your wedding gown. The cool climate control feature eliminates direct sunlight, humidity and moisture which wreaks havoc on wedding dress fabrics and embellishments.

What about my Bridal Veil and accessories?

We love them too! And want nothing more than for your wedding day accessories to stay with your wedding dress. We allow up to 5 bridal accessories to be stored with your dress. Consider sending your veil, headpiece, gloves, and belt (no shoes please).

What if my dress is already in a sealed dry-cleaner box?

No problem! If you have already preserved your gown in a dry cleaner box, no worries. Just ship it as is, or just the dress, to us from any FedEx location. We’ll take care of removing it from the packaging, inspect it for repairs that may be needed and then complete the process of getting it ready to be stored in our cool climate-controlled Vault.

How do I prepare the dress for shipping?

Easy, peasy. Just take your wedding gown (in any condition) to any FedEx shipping location and ask them to ship it to UNBOX. They will know how to expertly pack and ship your dress to us safely.

Is it really free Shipping?

Yep! It sure is! As long as you use FedEx to ship the gown and bridal accessories to us there is no cost to you.

Is my Dress Insured?

The safety and security of your wedding gown are always our utmost concern. So, yes! Your gown is insured both in transit and while it is at our Vault storage facility.

What does the Vault storage service cost? What are my payment options?

For Vault Storage Services, you can pay the low monthly fee of $15.00 or pay $165 one time for a 15% savings off our Annual Vault Storage Service. It’s easy to pick the service, add to cart. Shipping instructions will follow.

Need More Before you Store? For the Full-Service Dress Prep Care & Repair Service which includes complete dress cleaning, repair, and prep for placement in our high security Vault the cost is $125 and includes one year free storage.

What happens to my dress after it arrives at your Studio?

Upon arrival your wedding dress will receive our personal white-glove treatment. Each dress be individually photographed, inventoried and given a full inspection. Minor repairs will be made by hand by our professionally-trained Graceful Sewers™. Gowns scheduled for cleaning services will be spot-cleaned and double rinsed with our eco-friendly organic products, and prepped for storage with removable twill straps. With our archival Museum Method, dresses and accessories are hung in individual muslin garment bags on specialty padded hangers, carefully enveloped in the highest-quality acid-free packaging materials tucked in and around your dress to avoid hard creasing.

What is the Frankie Dress Report?

The Frankie Dress Report is a customized letter from your personal Graceful Sewer that describes the work performed on your gown and the now beautiful condition your dress is in when it enters our secured Vault.

How do I cancel my membership? What will happen to my fabric?

We know how special your wedding dress is to you, so we will absolutely allow you to cancel your membership at any time by simply emailing ''. Once your cancellation notice is received we will package your gown and any accessories to be delivered to you within 5 business days via our preferred shipping carrier - FedEx. The cost for shipping your gown back to you varies by location and will be charged to the credit card on file. Because your beloved gown has her own piece of real estate in our Vault, partial months cannot be refunded.

Psst! When you are ready to cancel your storage and get your wedding dress returned, it’s best to cancel before the end of the month before the service auto-renews.

How do I get my dress returned to me?

Just email us at '' to cancel your services. We will return your dress to you within 5 business days via our preferred partner FedEx.

Can I get a promo code?

Sure! Promo codes are available from time to time. Please email to receive a promo code for 15% off the annual Vault Storage Service.

What if I want to redesign my dress someday?

What a great question! And boy do we love this one. Wedding dresses hold a very special part in our lives. Cherishing them for life can sometimes mean repurposing your dress into heirlooms, gifts and keepsakes. So, we are absolutely honored to help you redesign your gown for you or another loved one. Simply fill out our fun and easy redesign quiz to see how many beautiful products you can have made from your dress fabrics. That’s why many brides choose to Save the Dress!

I still have questions! Can I call Frankie?

You bet! Our goal is to provide you with a level of professional service that continues your love story with your wedding gown. No question is too difficult for our Wedding Dress Experts. We’d love to meet you and hear the story behind your own wedding dress. 330-203-1256.

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